Global Approach for Biological Research on Infectious Epidemics in Low income countries

Science and technology network, African Caribbean support to fight against infectious diseases

In 2008, Fondation Mérieux created the GABRIEL Network which brings together laboratories from developing and industrialized countries. AFRICARAMI is one of the integrated projects of the GABRIEL Network, it focuses on the fight against Tuberculosis and Acute Lower Respiratory Infections. By creating a network for knowledge exchange and organising high level training courses for researchers, AFRICARAMI will provide support to local research programmes on Tuberculosis and Acute Lower Respiratory Infections.

AFRICARAMI will foster greater ownership of the research programmes by the lcoal health actors. Ultimately, the goal is to enable partners to conduct research projects independently and sustainably.

European Union African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States

This project is part of the ACP Science and Technology framework.The project is financed by 80% by the ACP group and 20% by the Fondation Mérieux.

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